I had known about the Nightmare Project for years since my creation; a bio-mechanical organism programmed for the sole purpose of killing. Every since I had been connected to the Foundation network the file labelled Nightmare had always appeared. The file confused me for some time as it appears to me every time I access the Foundation network.

I had no explination for it until I attempted to access the file. The file was encrypted with over 13,000 passwords. Little did the Foundation, or whoever it was who was sending the file to me realised that I am the most powerful A.I. on the planet and that passwords were no more than 'child's play.' Once I had access to the file it became clear to me what the file was.

I had seen messages between the Foundation and even my own Aperture Science during 1993 to 1997 detailing something about 'Project: NIGHTMARE' but since 1998 everything went silent: no messages, no updates, nothing.

The files I was sent contained almost everything about Project: NIGHTMARE including the messaging between the Foundation and Aperture. The only item not included was the location of where the experiments took place, leaving more of a 'mystery' to this minor waste of time.

After 7 months of searching I believe now I have located the site where Project NIGHTMARE took place. Now it's time for me to find out why the Foundation and Aperture fell silent about this. It's time to put this Nightmare to rest.



GLaDOS enters the facility and attempts to repower the facility. In turn, is accidentally caught up in a mass EM burst which disrupts much of her main systems. After returning to the central hub she is confronted by Nightmare through the system, who tells her to 'run a few errends around the facility' in return for her abilities.

Chapter 1 - Into the GreenEdit

Chapter 2 - Blue and RedEdit

Chapter 3 - Temple of the AncientsEdit

Chapter 4 - The SerpantEdit

Chapter 5 - RebirthEdit

Chapter 6 - The Final ShowdownEdit