"Your purpose was to test. But you went against it. My purpose was to correct your mistake, by killing you."

- Nightmare

'Nightmare' is a Bio-Mechanical military supercomputer designed to serve as a 'last resort' device to use against GLaDOS should she attempt to take over Earth. Unfortunately the project behind 'him' suddenly ended and Nightmare was forgotten overnight. The Nightmare Project was never heard of again until 2012.

Early history (1980's)Edit

Project: NIGHTMARE was devised around the same time the early versions of GLaDOS was being programmed into the Aperture Enrichment Centre. Much of the staff apointed with GLaDOS questioned GLaDOS' ethics and emotional status should she come online. Then CEO Cave Johnson gave the go that should GLaDOS become hostile, terminate the staff at the facility and further attempt to take over the world, she must be stopped by another artificial inteligence. This gave rise to the Genetic Lifeform and Defence Orientation System, dubbed Nightmare by the observing staff.

Nightmare was devised supposedly around 1986 and early builds coded by around 1987, one year before GLaDOS' initial activation. By 1989 version 7 of Nightmare was live and showing high promise, even providing live assistance for G.U.N in raiding South American Paramilitary opperations and later Russian Black-Op missions. Nightmare was proving to be a higher advantage over opposing forces than human strategists.

In 1991 Aperture created version 10 of Nightmare further bosting his calculation power and providing Nightmare with a fully operational body (similar to GLaDOS). By this time though Nightmare was growing tired of being a 'simple puppet' and for the first time, began making requests. A few months later Nightmare updated to version 11 which boasted a hightened curiosity sense making him slightly more 'human' which the science team regarded as making Nightmare 'much less of one.'

In 1993 the SCP Foundation became interested in Project: NIGHTMARE and requested Nightmare's aid in multiple operations. During this time Nightmare's logical 'senses' degraded futhur leading to unecessary losses from multiple Mobile Task Forces. During this time Nightmare became interested in 'seeing how many ways people can die' furthur resulting in higher and higher losses.

In 1994 Nightmares science teams suddenly vanished leading Aperture and the Foundation to suspect Nightmare used them in his 'termination experiments.' Aperture terminated Project: NIGHTMARE while the Foundation made and attempt to recover the test logs, which resulted in failure. From 93 to 1997 the Foundation monitored Nightmares actions, the results varied but with the same outcome; no effect on external/current affairs. After 1997 the Foundation ceased monitoring Nightmare, while Aperture opened up and announced that Project: NIGHTMARE was a failure.

Fortunately for Aperture in 2001 after GLaDOS had gased the Enrichment Centre, Cave Johnson's prediction did not come true and GLaDOS also fell silent. Aperture announced GLaDOS' failure also and sided with the SCP Foundation and began aiding in new ways of containing SCPs.

Current History (2000's/10's, Project Nightmare)Edit


8m (height/width)

Nightmares size to GLaDOS


Plasmic-fusion 40mm cannon(s) x4
Ion-Pulse laser x1